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Cody Beal Interior Design is a full service interior design firm serving the communities of Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah. Our collective of home experts is skilled in creating residential and commercial environments that enhance daily living.

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Our team believes that great design is born of authentic collaboration. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique vision and aspirations—and create spaces that align with them.

  • Phase I: Consultation + Discovery
    Every project begins with a thorough consultation and time spent learning about our client and their distinct style, needs, and values.
  • Phase II: Design Development
    Once we have an understanding of our client and their goals, that information becomes the foundation for our design as we gather visual inspiration and form initial concepts.
  • Phase III: Specification + Documentation
    During this phase, ideas become more concrete as we begin honing in on the exact furnishings, finishes, materials, and fixtures that will make up your new space. We begin drafting plans and scheduling any necessary construction.
  • Phase IV: Project Management
    As builders, trades, and craftsmen bring our shared vision to life, we work to make sure your project is moving seamlessly. We make frequent site visits, oversee work, offer updates, and navigate changes and repairs.
  • Phase V: Turnkey Installation
    When structural changes and construction are complete, it's time for our team to implement the rest of our design by installing furnishings, window treatments, textiles, and other styling elements. When we're finished, we have the honor of welcoming our clients back for a final reveal.

"We thought interior designers picked paint colors and cushions. That may be true with some but not Cody. We hired him just before framing our dream home—Cody took our plans home in one weekend and significantly improved the floor layout working with the structure that was already in place. From that point on, we cannot overstate what a difference he has brought to every step of the build process. Cody understands the mechanics necessary to get the best result, requires excellence from the sub-contractors, and incorporates design into our lifestyle. Building this home is the largest expenditure we have ever made and we feel that Cody guarantees our investment. You cannot afford to not hire Cody."



Our style is best described as a collected take on modern—spaces where every element is intentionally chosen for its quality, beauty, and comfort.

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